Choir Notes

Choir Notes

Message from the Director:
I’m so happy to have the chance to direct this great group. I am very fond of a big choral sound and am thrilled Sisters supports such a group. I’m trying not to make too many changes for you, but here’s the plan for Spring.
We will continue to meet on Monday night 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.
We will change our meeting place to The Episcopal Church of the Transfiguration (Intersection of Brooks Camp and 242).
The Transfig doors will open at 6:10. Please place your chair and be ready to sing at 6:30 p.m
Please bring a bottle of water, a pencil and a plain black 3 ring binder for your music. 1 inch is perfect.
Our music selection for spring is from COCC, so you will sign it out at the first rehearsal and back in at the end of the Sunday afternoon concert. The first rehearsal will be March 20th. My plan is to use the first session to sign out music and listen to all the selections performed on utube or the jukebox. The purpose is to get a sense of how the song flows, what it gives musically and where our challenges will be.
The March 27th will be men only practice and April 3 will be women only practice. After that, each Monday practice will be work on the selections. Please note that I picked out more music than we will perform in the Spring. Some may just not suit us, so we will have some options. We are planning on a Mother’s Day weekend with two performances at the Community Church. It’s too early to book the church, but that’s the plan at this point.
Our complete selection of music is fairly vintage and wildly varied. As homework, please take about 30 minutes and listen to each song Vicky has on the website. The first practice should not be the first time you hear it – and if your an overachiever, it should be very familiar.
I really want the chorale to grow and prosper as an organization. We have Terry Thode and Sue Edgerton who have volunteered to be our librarians and were incredibly helpful in getting the music from COCC. We are in need of a secretary (keeps databases and handles correspondence) a set up wrangler (makes sure the risers are placed and stored) a Public Relations and Program Director (ensures our concerts are advertised and prepares posters and programs) and a webmaster to replace Vicky next year. If you have a bit of time and want to make sure the organization continues, please consider volunteering for these positions. You can contact Rendal Broomhead (Chorale President/Chairman) for more information. We will entertain new chorale members up to 50 people, so if you have a friend or neighbor who might like to join, please bring them on March 20th.
If you’re like me you’re somewhat homebound and showing signs of cabin fever. There’s nothing better than music to sooth the mind and soul. Please do your homework and I’ll see you on March 20th at Transfig!

Rehearsal location:The Episcopal Church of the Transfiguration 68825 Brooks Camp Rd, Sisters . Practices are held each Monday from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.

 Please consider volunteering for the open positions listed below, as well as the positions that will need to be filled in the future (see information above)

Director – Connie Guntermann
Chairman – Ren Broomhead
While working with the individuals listed below with their responsibilities will continually strive to accomplish the mission statement of the Chorale.

Secretary – OPEN

  • Keep current lists of participants including email addresses, phone numbers and current addresses.
  • Notify participants of scheduled events including performances, rehearsals, and social events
  • Record minutes of committee
  • Chorale’s historian

Librarians – Terry Thode, Sue Edgerton

  • Organize individuals to assist in compiling music and sorting the music when performances have concluded.
  • Maintain record of chorale music.

Webmaster – Vicky Hughes

  • Maintain the High Desert Chorale website

Treasurer – Peggy Tehan

  • Oversee and present budgets, accounts and financial statements to the committee.
  • Communicate with the committee about financial matters.
  • Ensure that appropriate financial systems and controls are in place.
  • Ensure use of funds complies with conditions set by the committee.
  • Ensure effective monitoring and reporting.
  • Prepare and present budgets for new or ongoing work.
  • Present regular reports on the organization’s financial position.
  • Manage bank accounts.
  • Ensure proper records are kept.

Public Relations and Program Director – Jim Anderson (lead), Helen Schmidling

  • Provide information to all newspapers within Central Oregon regarding the High Desert Chorales.
  • Distribute posters of scheduled events.
  • Provide information to local radio stations
  • Develop and print programs for each event

Photographer – Sue Anderson

Social Coordinator –Wendie Vermillion, Sue Edgerton

  • Arrange and manage refreshments at performances.
  • Arrange for greeters and the collection of donations at the performances.
  • Arrange socials (potlucks) for the chorales as needed.

Wrangler –OPEN

  • Assure that risers, tables, music stands and other equipment are properly set in place in a timely manner and when performances have concluded, return the equipment to designated locations.
  • Coordinate with those responsible for sound, lighting and seating for the chorale and audience.


Click on the links below to listen to music that we will be performing at our upcoming concert. Some of our music is in the “Stanton’s Jukebox Player”. If you don’t find a song, try clicking on the down arrow in the lower right hand corner

Click on the songs below to view/listen to a YouTube video.

Cyberbass is a useful site that is dedicated to choral learning. It has a large library of major choral works, in MIDI format. And this MIDI is further broken down into each part, Soprano, Alto etc. you just right-click on the part you need. This is a free service, but if you find that you use it a lot, you might want to donate to their cause.

MuseScore is a free musical notation program for OS X, Windows and Linux. MuseScore’s main purpose is the creation, editing and printing of various types of musical scores in a “What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get” environment. It supports most types of notation, including jazz lead sheets, and prints or exports high quality engraved sheets. MuseScore’s notation engine conforms to industry notation standards.