Sisters High Desert Chorale forming up For Spring Session

Well, Sisters Country singers, here’s your chance to have a lot of fun and share your talents at the same time: Irene Liden — who has been at the steering wheel of the Sisters High Desert Chorale for more years than she cares to admit— is preparing to begin rehearsals for the chorale’s FREE May 8th and 10th performances at the Sisters Community Church.

All you have to do is show up at the Shepard of the Hills Lutheran Church in Sisters at 6:30 on Monday evening, the 26th, sit down with the section you want to sing in — and have at it. No auditions and no musical background is necessary, the chorale is open to sopranos, altos, tenors, basses — and even contraltos, counter tenors and bassos.

Neither are there any age restraints. Sure there’s a lot of gray-haired singers in the chorale, but they may have more time on their hands than “youngsters.” If you’re a frustrated alto with three beautiful children — and you really want to sing — call grandma and grandpa and ask them to share their talents with the kids on Monday nights so you can share yours with the chorale.

This season’s repertoire is going to contain a variety of pieces; there’ll be a Memorial Day medley with such numbers as”This is My Country,” and maybe “Yankee-Doodle Dandy,” plus a variety of musical theater pieces such as, “Phantom of the Opera.” Over the years the chorale has been performing in Sisters, spiritual and gospel music has become a favorite, so there’ll be a few number in that area as well.

Paul Bennet, our well known local artist and all around wonderful tenor, has been signing with the chorale for 2 years and feels this way about how he shares his talent: “Choir members come from a wide range of musical backgrounds. What we have most in common, however, is that we hold music close to our hearts. Singing together is an expression of that love and, though it takes work to learn all the parts, once it all comes together it can be a deeply satisfying experience. Irene is fun to work with and brings a rich musical background to share. We’re quite fortunate to have such talent in our little town of Sisters.”

There’s a pot luck dinner in the works that will probably take place at the commons of Tollgate between the 1st and second rehearsals. If that doesn’t get you to join, nothing will; the chorale potlucks are something not to miss. If you join the chorale, you’ll also have the opportunity to bring your favorite snack to the free performance at the Sister Community Church in May, and pig out on cookies with everyone else at intermission, then sit back and sing your heart out making beautiful sounds with the Sisters High Desert Chorale.

Oh, yes… there is one thing to be prepared for: Irene does make funny faces when something doesn’t sound right.

 Anyone interested in joining the choir in January may contact Irene Liden at 541-549-1037.